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Russell Neal from Hi-Five arrested after wife’s death

Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

Russell Neal, who is best known for being a member of the music group Hi-Five, was arrested after his wife was found dead. ABC reports on Thursday that the former singer went to the police to let them know his wife had passed away at their home, but he immediately asked for a lawyer and refused to provide other information. Neal’s statement was confirmed by police who discovered the body of Catherine Martinez.

Neal did not describe how his wife died, but police mentioned she had stab wounds on her body. He has a lawyer, Chris Brown, who will be representing him and has a connection to the music group. After requesting a lawyer, Neal stopped talking to police and has not added any other information about his wife’s death.

The R&B singer did not discuss his past fame with neighbors who were surprised to learn he was part of a popular music group from the 1990s. They described his family as nice and were not aware of any issues between the singer and his wife. Neal had several children with Martinez who are currently staying with family.

The singer has not been officially charged, but he remains under arrest. His neighbors suggested that an argument with his wife became violent and led to her death. However, police have not provided details about Neal’s exact involvement in her death.

Despite fading from the spotlight for several years, Hi-Five has not completely disappeared from the music industry, and several of the previous group members have continued to perform. The new group did not include Neal, but Marcus Sanders and Shannon Gill stayed. They added Treston Irby, Faruq Evans and Billy Covington to have five members and have continued to do shows. They had planned an event in September, and it has not been canceled.

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