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Russell Crowe: Theologian says 'Noah' movie is based on an evil being, not God

Although Russell Crowe knew that his new film, "Noah," would generate much debate as constituting an alternative version to the biblical story of Noah's Ark, at the same time he has made it clear he does not understand some of the most visceral criticism the film has received since its release. Crowe recently said that "Noah" was "the hardest job I’ve ever done because of the subject matter and the responsibility to it,” according to an April 6 report from the Sunday Post.

The famous Australian actor relates especially to the fact that the film has been banned in many Arab countries as well as the bad reception it has had on certain Christian communities. While some Christians praise the film, others accuse its director, Darren Aronofsky, of portraying it as a source of unhealthy obsession and a thinly veiled assault on religious belief, Forbes writes.

As reported by Breitbart, Dr. Brian Mattson, a theologian with a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology from the University of Aberdeen who now serves as Senior Scholar of Public Theology for the Center for Cultural Leadership, has condemned the movie, claiming it to be "direct from Kabbalist and Gnostic sources." His review also claims that it has zero to do with the God of the Bible.

The report states: Nowhere is it said that this movie is an adaptation of Genesis. It was never advertised as “The Bible’s Noah,” or “The Biblical Story of Noah.”

Mattson writes: "The world of Aronofsky’s Noah is a thoroughly Gnostic one: a graded universe of “higher” and “lower.” The “spiritual” is good, and way, way, way “up there” where the ineffable, unspeaking god dwells, and the “material” is bad, and way, way down here where our spirits are encased in material flesh. This is not only true of the fallen sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, but of fallen angels, who are explicitly depicted as being spirits trapped inside a material “body” of cooled molten lava."

Most countries in the Middle East and Indonesia have banned the film "Noah" in theaters as a "preventive measure," said The Hollywood Reporter.

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Islamic countries label it as being irreligious and claim it violates Islamic law against depicting prophets.

Before the premiere of the film, Russell Crowe said that he was sure that many countries would be against the film.

This possibility led Crowe to head up a campaign via Twitter for followers of different religions to see the film. He even personally invited Pope Francisco (who declined) to attend a performance of the new version of Noah, which, according to director Darron Aronofsky, is “the least biblical biblical film ever made.”

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