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Russell Brand heckler rant: Brand strikes back at heckler

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Russell Brand had to deal with a heckler during his most recent "Messiah Complex" world tour performance. According to The Huffington Post on Jan. 2, Brand was confronted by a rude heckler during his latest show and dealt with her in the most "gentlemanly" fashion.

During Brand's live performance, a foul-mouthed heckler shouted an insult directed towards Mahatma Ghandi. Brand ends each live stand-up act by chanting "Hare Krishna", so when the heckler repeatedly yelled out the insult, Brand quickly responded.

Rather than have the heckler removed, Brand twice used his typical quick wit, humor and some profanity to tell the heckler to shut up. As the audience cheered in approval, the heckler threw out one more insult. Brand promptly warned that he would not longer respond with diplomacy and that his show was not a "conversation dynamic".

Brand's final hilarious response shut the heckler down for good. Watch Brand's unrestrained passive-aggressive exchange with the heckler here.