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Rush, O’Reilly lay Amb. Stevens’ body at Obama’s feet

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Liberals have made every excuse for Barack Obama's criminal negligence in allowing Al-Qaeda forces to attack an American embassy, kill our ambassador, and raise the Jihadi flag on U.S. soil. Obama was re-elected on the heels of America's worst defeat since Jihadis took down the WTC on 9-11-2001. No one can answer the question:

Where was the president during this attack and why did he refuse to send in a rescue to save Americans from Islamic Jihadis?

The liberal media has done everything they could to cover up the cover up, up to and including lying directly to the American people. From Candy Crowley backing Obama’s lie in the second debate to ambush Gov. Romney, to Bill Maher mocking anyone who speaks of the cover up as tin foil hat loons, Leftists have perpetrated one lie after another on ignorant Americans. As the Obama Doctrine brings America to its knees and Communist China’s economy surpasses our own, Leftist America haters and their propagandists celebrate as Democrats steal away America’s future.

America was founded on liberty, but is going to die from the same internal corruption that has brought down every empire. Like those empires, the people’s ignorance and greed are the primary source of that corruption, and the lives of patriots are lost in the process. The 50% of the population that are apathetic to the voting process share in the responsibility for allowing corrupt politicians to rule the roost.



Compared with presidential scandals of the past, Watergate, Iran-Contra, Lewinski, this one stands alone. No one died at Watergate, and Iran-Contra was about using enemies to supply enemies to fight enemies. Lewinski was just pathetic, but abandoning an embassy as it is being attacked is no less than criminal negligence up to as much as national betrayal.

Obama’s excuses that we had no assets that could have reached them in time is the worst of lies. Even jet fighters we have stationed in Italy could have reached them in short order. SEALS Doherty and Woods were told to stand down rather than go to the embassy’s aid, yet they did.

For over eight hours they held off the attackers, and American fighter planes could have reached them in less than two. Their heroism saved the lives of over forty embassy personnel. And the thanks they get from the country they loved is a cover up by a lying president and the scorn of liberal Democrats.

Obama aiding Islamists?

Democrats sacrificed these four Americans on the altar of Obama, and half of Americans spit on their graves.