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Rush Limbaugh wastes no time in politicizing dead Haitians

Limbaugh accuses Obama of "using" Haiti to please black people.
Limbaugh accuses Obama of "using" Haiti to please black people.
AP Photo/Rob Carr


  • Jean Williams 6 years ago

    Limbaugh is such an unbelieveable hate monger, but this is an all time new low for him.

  • john 6 years ago

    God said yesterday Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh are "total dicks".

  • Marty 6 years ago

    I see you attack the messenger but you don't refute the message. Is that all you can do. I see your way above Limbaugh by wishing him to "rot in hell". You really make your case by lowering yourself further than Limbaugh.

    In short, your a whiny little liberal bitch who thinks our tax dollars should take care of every person on this planet. Why don't you move to Haiti and leave us tax payers alone.

  • Scott Gibbs, Boston Liberal Examiner 6 years ago

    Marty, I didn't refute the message? Are you insane?

    You conservative drones are hilarious. You actually feel we should do nothing for Haiti? Wow, but I bet you were right on board for invading Iraq, to what, liberate a people? You have no problem forking over your tax dollars for that catastrophe because it was started by a "conservative."

    Shut up, Marty. You're a drone. You go along with idiots like Limbaugh because he gives you an outlet to spew your hate. He's your racist security blanket.

    I hope a displaced Haitian family moves next door to you. Tax-free.

  • Wildcat 6 years ago

    If Rush is a hate monger, then what does that make the writer...a mass murderer? Geez, talk about vile...the author is one spoiled little rich kid, college professors pet bomb thrower. The author no doubt got straight "A" s (when sobered up) because Joe Alinsky the Poly Sci prof liked his hatred for conservatism/ America. By the way writer, do you have a job NOT given to you because of your daddy's money? Just sayin!

  • TommyDeusser 6 years ago

    Hi Scott. Marty is completely wrong, and you're right to call him a drone ("dittohead" is SUCH an appropriate term), and your anger is completely justified. Limbaugh's comments are beyond racist, they're vile and hate-filled. However, Marty was right on one part; you did lower yourself to Limbaugh's level in this article. Hoping his home and family are devastated in an earthquake is simply crossing the line, IMO. I get the sentiment. I get the anger. It's to the point where I can't even write about it without lashing out. But you're better than fools like Limbaugh, and your history bears that out. I would just ask that you consider that fact in the future. Keep up the good work, we need your voice.

    Tommy Deusser - Worcester County Progressive Examiner/Elections 2010 Examiner

  • Scott Gibbs 6 years ago

    Wildcat: You couldn't be more wrong. I'm a "working stiff," who earns about $32,000 a year for 50 hours a week doing a job I hate. My parents were both grade-school teachers so there is no "daddy's money" to throw around for me. Sorry, but not everyone who isn't a conservative is a spoiled rich kid. Some of us just realize that sometimes poor people can't help themselves, no matter how many times conservatives call them lazy deadbeats.

    Tommy: I realize I lowered myself but it was intentional in this case. I'm just so tired of trying to always take the "high road" with moron racists like Limbaugh. I guess I just wanted to walk in the hate-filled shoes of a Limbaugh and see what it felt like to write from the level of a sewer. Now I know.

    Thanks for the kind words.

  • Walter Osbourne 6 years ago

    Well, Scott, maybe you should hit McDonalds up for a raise. :)))))

  • Walter Osbourne 6 years ago

    Well, Scott, maybe you should hit McDonalds up for a raise. :)))))

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