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Rush Limbaugh ridicules women's museum proposal that "lingerie'd" in Congress

Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh
AP Photo

During the March 19, 2014 broadcast of his radio show, Rush Limbaugh mocked House Republicans for their plan to vote on legislation promoting the creation of a National Women's History Museum.

Coincidentally, this week also marked the first anniversary of the Republican National Committee's decision to try to teach its partisans how not to repeal women voters away from the G.O.P.

Rush Limbaugh has been fighting that effort every step of the way.

Limbaugh began by describing the proposal as one "that has lingerie'd -- I'm sorry -- lingered in Congress for nearly two decades without ever reaching the president's desk."

Limbaugh also complained that there is no Men's Museum anywhere in America.

And yet even that was still not low enough for Limbaugh.

"We already have, ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know how many museums for women all over the country," he continued. "They are called malls."

Then because even that was not stupid enough, he attempted to excuse himself by laughing and saying "Hey, I could have said brothel, but I didn't."

Considering how many sponsors Limbaugh had lost for calling women's rights activist Sandra Fluke a slut and demanding she put homemade pornography online so he could watch it, it's remarkable how eager he appears to be to shock and offend the entire female demographic all over again.

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