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Rush Limbaugh Parrots Republican Beliefs About Women

Vile Pig Rush Limbaugh
Vile Pig Rush Limbaugh

The current war on women being waged by Republicans at the behest of extremist Christians who object to contraception is escalating to a fever pitch with Rush Limbaugh’s entrance. Despite the calls for Republicans to speak out and condemn Limbaugh’s disgusting remarks impugning a college co-ed's character, the conservatives who started the assault are silent. It should not be surprising the Republicans are quiet because Limbaugh is parroting what the vile, bible-inspired Republicans believe in private. They are no doubt reveling that finally, someone is saying what their legislative assault on women really implies.

At the start of the 112th Congress, Republicans began redefining rape and in Republican-controlled legislatures they are legalizing rape-by-instrument to teach women that they have never been in control of their own bodies. Limbaugh is the voice of the Republican Party and when he calls women who use contraception sluts and prostitutes, it may as well be coming from Boehner, Cantor, McConnell and especially Roy Blunt (R-MO) who authored the amendment to allow any employer or insurance provider the right to deny any person coverage for any health issue.

There are movements calling for advertisers to drop Limbaugh, and there has been some success already, but Limbaugh will only stop when he is fired. The man thrives on the attention he is receiving and his statements ring true with most of his audience. When Limbaugh said the college coed testified before Congress and that she needs to be paid to have sex, his audience believes him. Why? They are not intelligent enough to find and listen to the testimony themselves. Limbaugh tells them what they want to hear and believe about women, and particularly college women.

The people who listen to Limbaugh are low-class, low-intelligence, and labor under low moral character or they would turn off the prurient assault on women. Don't think for a second that millions of women don’t listen to Limbaugh because they do. The audience that Limbaugh appeals to depend on him to alert them to the dangers of Liberals and so-called “feminazis” whose goal is earning equal rights and they, like Limbaugh and Republicans, cannot tolerate the concept of equal rights for anyone except good, god-fearing, real Americans (white Christian males). It is true that Limbaugh is a vile human being, but without his audience and Republican support, he would have been off the air ages ago.

Women are under assault and it is not just from Rush Limbaugh. Republicans in Congress vote against gender equality in the workplace, equal pay, Violence Against Women Act, and the right to choose reproductive health as a matter-of-course, and they show no signs of letting up anytime soon. There are myriad reasons to hate Limbaugh and lay blame at his feet, but his supporters in Congress, the RNC, and his bible-clutching audience keep him in business. The assault on women’s rights is just getting started and Limbaugh is an insignificant speck of dust compared to what the GOP will do to women if they get the opportunity. Limbaugh is a vile pig, but he is being fed by evil religious men who are demonstrating to America how theocracy starts.


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