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Rush Limbaugh: Obama could cancel the First Amendment

Rush Limbaugh asked the question today, on his radio program, what if President Obama decided to suspend free speech and cancel the First Amendment. Rush posed this question after discussing the complete lawlessness of the Obama Regime, and the many areas in which the president has either ignored the law or blatantly violated the law without consequence. This comes as Obama has once again announced he will postpone, in blatant violation of the law, the ObamaCare mandate on businesses.

TEA Party movement shows citizens enjoying First Amendment rights
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

I can already hear the kool drinking far left liberals and progressives expressing phony outrage at the notion that one would even suggest their beloved president would suspend First Amendment rights. But it's not so ridiculous an idea given what this president has done, and how lawless this Regime has been. This president has no respect or regard for the law, the Constitution, or our system of checks and balances that is supposed to limit the abuse of government power in Washington D.C. This petulant and narcissistic manchild president simply wants what he wants, in his drive to destroy the country, now matter who gets in the way, who is steamrolled over in the process, and no matter which laws, or the Constitution itself, is violated in the process.

We know that Obama can't handle disagreement with his policies and criticism of his presidency. This is why he inflicted the Internal Revenue Service on the groups affiliated with the Tea Party movement. This is why he used the IRS to suppress political activities. This is why he used the force of government to carry out gestapo raids on private businesses, owned by folks who donated to or supported Republican candidates, such as the raid on the manufacturing facilities of Gibson Guitars. This is why Dr. Ben Carson was audited after speaking out against this Regime and criticizing ObamaCare.

He's violated the First Amendment rights of so many already, the act of suspending free speech rights would only formalize what he's already done. In fact, one could make the case he has essentially already suspended free speech rights. Just as Dr. Ben Carson. Ask Dr. Carson's family members and associates, who have also been harassed because Dr. Carson spoke the truth about this corrupt regime.

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