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Rush Limbaugh: Michelle Obama could run against Hillary in 2016

Rush said something very interesting the other day, and it's something I had once suggested could happen when I wrote about the notion that the Obamas could have a plan to stay in power for quite some time. Just the other day, Rush speculated on his program that the First Lady, Michelle “Moochelle” Obama would run against Hillary in 2016. He made this comment briefly near the end of his broadcast, but did say such a candidacy could also lead to the a “Operation Chaos II” for 2016.

Michelle Obama could run against Hillary Clinton in 2016

In that article about Moochelle running for president herself, I wrote, “While President Barack Obama has continued his perpetual campaigning as president, despite just being reelected, guess who else seems to be campaigning? His wife, the First Lady, Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama is becoming more a politicians, sooner, and more blatantly, than Hillary Clinton did during the term of her husband's presidency. There is already speculation, and even inclusion into polls of the notion of Michelle Obama running for president in the future. President Barack Obama is barred by the 22nd Amendment of the Constitution to run for president again, but that doesn't stop Michelle Obama from running for president.”

This could be great for those of us who consider ourselves political junkies. Imagine how much fun the late Dr. Hunter S. Thompson would have with this?

What is Moochelle going to run on? Totally hard left politically correct nanny-state big government far left liberal issues, are what Moochelle will run on. She will declare that childhood obesity poses a larger threat to the future of America than al Qaeda. She will run far to the left of Hillary Clinton. Just like Barack Obama in 2008, she will run on “change.” That in itself will be ironic, Michelle, your husband has been president for eights, so how can you run on change? The answer is, he has been doing that for eight years himself, because he's been running a perpetual campaign and acting like he's not actually been president the whole time. See The Limbaugh Theorem. Michelle will just continue to run on The Limbaugh Theorem as a candidate.

But I suspect that some don't believe it's going to happen. You don't really think Michelle Obama is going to run for president in 2016, do you, I can hear many readers asking.

Guessing that some would say it's a ridiculous idea that Michelle Obama would run for president in 2016, I reminded in that article, “You say this scenario or anything like it is completely absurd? Would ten years ago would have believed than an unknown, first term freshman United States Senator from Illinois who had only been senator for months, would start a campaign for president and actually get elected?”

Bring on Operation Chaos II.

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