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Rush Limbaugh: Media using Malaysian plane to distract from Obama border crisis

Rush Limbaugh
Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images

After a Malaysian airplane was shot down on Thursday, speculation ran rampant as to who was responsible. The news media was left scratching their heads, but one right wing talker has a new theory.

When the story broke that a Malaysian passenger plane was shot down in Ukraine resulting in the deaths of 298 people, both the Ukraine government and pro-Russia separatists fighting in the area quickly denied any involvement. MSNBC broke news that early Friday morning the United States had on good authority that Russia was involved with the shooting of the plane. Each news outlet has made the Malaysian airplane crash their number one story, but right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh believes that it's the media's way from distracting people from the border crisis.

Limbaugh spoke during his radio broadcast on Thursday and accused the news media of over-saturated its viewers with coverage of the Malaysian airplane to "abandon the bad Obama news at the border."

"It's a Malaysian Airlines jet and can you -- I've got the British Open on the top menu, monitor, I haven't had CNN on all day, what do you bet they have broomed everything and are covering wall-to-wall the Malaysian Airlines flight shot down by a missile? This is, I mean, you talk about -- I don't want to appear to be callous here, folks, but you talk about an opportunity to abandon the bad Obama news at the border, and no, I'm not suggesting anything other than how the media operates."

The media often gets criticized, and many times rightfully so, but on a day where so much heavy news is happening, it's hard to focus on just one story. With the unrest between Russia and Ukraine at an all time high, it shouldn't come as a surprise to see this story as a headliner. For Rush Limbaugh to continue his allegations that the media is just protecting President Obama is just ridiculous.

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