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Rush Limbaugh compares Obama and Democrats to Nazism, Communism and Terrorism

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The right wing media makes a habit out of attacking President Obama and the Democratic party and one radio show host is at it again.

Conservatives don't seem to need much of an excuse to go on the attack against President Obama these days and Rush Limbaugh is no exception. During a recent broadcast, Limbaugh took to the air waves to discuss the topic of "envy." Limbaugh promoted the idea that Democrats cause people to become envious of the rich, thus causing them to vote for policies that bring "hard times" to those more fortunate. Limbaugh then stated that the government takes money from all Americans, but doesn't actually use it to invest in the country, but rather for their own personal gain.

Rush Limbaugh: How many years have you been voting Democrat and you're still jealous? How many years have you been voting Democrat and you're still envious? How many years have you been voting Democrat and you're probably more envious than ever? How many years have you been voting Democrat and you're probably angrier than you've ever been? So how's it working out for you, voting for all these people who are gonna make everything fair? They can't.

They're not even really trying.

What they're doing is making everybody poorer, and that's how they get to their precious equality. They don't elevate you. They will take from the people who have more than you, but you're not gonna get it. They do. It goes to the government. It's not gonna come to you. All that's gonna happen is everybody is gonna get poorer, and I challenge you. Don't believe me. Try to find anywhere in the world where politicians promising to fix what you think is wrong has made you richer or anybody richer or happier or more equal or what have you.

It hasn't happened.

The best thing you could do is stop with the envy, stop with the jealousy, stop being angry at others for what you don't have and figure out a way to go get it yourself.

Limbaugh continued on with his rant, this time associating the modern Democratic party and it's values to Nazism, Communism and Muslim terrorism.

Ladies and gentlemen, the three great political pathologies of modern times were all based on envy. Not political movement, pathologies. The three great political pathologies of modern times were all based on envy: Nazism. Nazism preached envy toward the rich and exploitative Jewish people, communism preaches envy toward the rich-exploitative bourgeoisie, and Muslim terrorism preaches envy toward the rich-exploitative West.

The roots of this have been taking hold in this country. What do you think outcome-based education was? It's based on envy. What do you think not grading a paper with a red pen was all about? What do you think not having winners and losers in extracurricular football in high school is all about? What is all this stuff all about? It's all about envy and not having any.

Rush Limbaugh, on an almost weekly basis, take shots at President Obama and the Democrats and this isn't the first time he compared the president to those in the Nazi party. Until conservative voters learn not to believe such rhetoric, Rush Limbaugh and his outrages claims will impact the country in a way it never should.



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