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Rush Limbaugh b*tch slaps a lying President Obama

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Obama: “I gotta admit I don’t get it. Why are folks working so hard for people not to have health insurance?”

Rush: “Mr. President, you’re the only guy that’s canceling people’s health insurance. You’re the only guy making that happen. Not me.

“There’s not one Republican who’s taken anybody’s health insurance away from ‘em. There’s not one Republican, nor one conservative who wants to take anybody’s health insurance away from ‘em. There’s not one conservative or Republican who wants this health care system to worsen.

“You’re the only guy making all that happen, Mr. President. You, you alone with your party, you are the one seeing to it that people are losing their health insurance. You are the one that lied to them 23, 24 times over three years that if they like their plan they could keep it, that if they like their doctor they could keep it.

“Millions of Americans have lost their health insurance finding out they couldn’t keep their plan or their doctor, as you promised them they could. Nobody is taking anybody’s health insurance away from anybody except you, sir.”

Bitch slapping a lying president

Obama spewing lies about ObamaCare and Republicans over health insurance

Although ObamaCare got the support of 100% of Democrats in Congress, it got 0% support from Republicans and has never had majority support by the people.

ObamaCare charts

Despite there being no system set up whereby people pay for the ObamaCare they were required to purchase or face a tax fine by the IRS, Obama announces ObamaCare to be a resounding success in signing up five million people, plus another two million who were previously uninsured signed up for Medicaid under its relaxed requirements. The other forty three million remain uninsured still and application for ObamaCare has been closed for the rest of the year.

Obama now blames Republicans for the failure of ObamaCare to sign more people and denounces them as wanting to take people’s health insurance away from them. With Obama having already taken away the health insurance of the five million who were forced to turn to ObamaCare so as not to be charged with violating the law, Rush Limbaugh bitch slaps the president for his lies. Republicans know full well that repeal of ObamaCare would only permit these people to buy the insurance and see the doctor they want once again, but have trouble making it plain that Obama is using the bully pulpit of the presidency to ruthlessly smear conservatives with black lies of malicious deception.

Obama blames Republicans over ObamaCare and Rush Limbaugh bitch slaps him (full article with ObamaCare timeline)

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