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Rush & Fantasy – An Innovative Fantasy RPG Action App

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At times it may seem that the market for mobile devices includes only a small range of gaming genres. The majority of games developed for smartphones and tablets can be classified in a handful of different game mechanics. But, this doesn’t mean that there are no innovative games out there. Rush&Fantasy is a perfect example of an original and very fresh arcade game for the mobile market.

This game combines elements of MMORPG and the excitement that Run games usually carry. Massively multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG for short are often perceived as big and complex games that cannot be successfully translated to mobile devices. Ubinuri, the company that created this game, decided to use some MMORPG elements, especially the character skill set that is a trademark feature in any roleplaying game, and infuse them in this arcade app.

At the beginning of a game, the player chooses a hero. By signing up in the community made up from other adventurers, the player gets to join others who are playing Rush&Fantasy and explore this world of swords and dungeons. The game mechanic uses many regular traits of a roleplaying game, which means that gameplay experience involves raiding dungeons and slaying monsters, finding valuable items and objects. All of this gradually builds up the hero. As the hero’s stats and experience increase, so does the power and strength to fight bigger and bigger adversaries.

With the game’s progression the dungeons get bigger and darker, and their inhabitants became more dangerous. On the other hand, things like Fever mode, a setting in which a hero becomes incredibly deadly, are available to counter these threats. An additional card system is also open for the player use, and hero’s growth is measured in cards that include abilities, skills, items and special cards. By collecting, upgrading and combining these cards, players can create a unique gameplay experience.

Ubinuri also made sure that there is no repetitiveness in the gameplay, so the adventures keep changing as the player builds up the hero. This way, the game remains challenging and the action just gets more spectacular. With more than 25 different and specifically designed dungeons located in several fantastic realms of the Rush&Fantasy creative world, there is simply no room for boredom while playing this game. The app includes single play mode and multiplayer mode, so any player can choose between playing alone or in company.

On the technical side, it’s worthy to note that Rush&Fantasy was optimized for all the newest models on the mobile device market. The app offers a rich experience for any player, but at the same time it uses a very simple control setup, so that new gamers can easily learn how to play. The complete game is free to play, and regular updates are used to improve gameplay and add other bonuses.

With all these features, there is no doubt that Rush&Fantasy that should be played and enjoyed by all who love fantasy, action and roleplaying games. Rush&Fantasy is available for free to download from the iTunes Store and also at Google Play Store!