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Rus Gutin closes year-long Comedy Store stint with a bang

Uncle Rus Gutin
Uncle Rus Gutin
The Comedy Store Belly Room

Stand up comedian “Uncle” Rus Gutin has been keeping audiences of The Comedy Store’s Belly Room rolling in the aisles on Friday nights for the past year, and following his closing performance on June 11, they stood up to give the funny man a standing ovation. Gutin’s stage persona is a hilarious and compelling mixture of Woody Allen and Sam Kinison. Something akin to Jewish angst on meth. Wherever his inspiration comes from, a few things become immediately clear about Rus, once onstage. The man has an incredible talent for immediately engaging the audience and maintaining the connection throughout the show. A fast-talker who clearly has no tolerance for lulls in his act, Rus keeps the funny coming without interruption or hesitation. Whether commiserating with the female audience members about the misery of starving to lose weight or discussing the most un-PC topics imaginable, his likeable delivery and inspired points keep the audience in his corner and in a perpetual state of laughter.

Rus admits that he doesn’t really want to be the biggest star in the world, and would be happy just to rape someone on Law & Order. That doesn’t seem like too much to ask for a guy with as much talent as Gutin. So what do you say, Law & Order? Isn’t it about time for a comedic rapist? As a professional stand up comedian for ten years and a graduate of the Musical Theatre Program at AMDA in New York, if anyone can do it, Rus can.

To support Rus in his quest for Law & Order mid-level fame and the easy residuals it promises, keep an eye out for his name and catch his act when he returns to The Comedy Store on August 6th and the first Friday of every month thru December. And keep your other eye out for an off-Broadway musical he created called Gangstapella, “the story of the world’s first gangsta-rap a capella group of all white people and one Asian, midget, Samurai beat box.” Gangstapella will return to New York City this fall as a live show and is also being developed as an adult animated series for television. If you are unable to catch his act or his musical, look for his “Live In Philly” DVD and hear for yourself what the Los Angeles and New York comedy club scenes already know: Uncle Rus Gutin is on the rise and has both the skills and the savvy to take him to the top. Learn more at


  • Taki 5 years ago

    This guy is Crazy Good! Its criminal the stuff he makes you laugh atReview is spot on as he's One to Watch.

  • Al 5 years ago

    Rus Rocks.That says it all

  • BeLinda 5 years ago

    Love Love Love him!
    The review is on target in every way.Dont miss seeing Rus!
    (and no,Im not his or girlfriend, but "open to possibilities!)

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