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Rural Wisconsin Madrigal: great food, great music, great fun, great price!

See the Pecatonica Madrigal Players (not pictured) in the group's 21st Annual performance December 3 or 4th.
See the Pecatonica Madrigal Players (not pictured) in the group's 21st Annual performance December 3 or 4th.
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When one thinks of spending time in rural Lafayette County in southwestern Wisconsin, many ways to spend your time may come to mind. However, it is not likely that attending a delightful Madrigal performance is chief among them.

Well, put away your preconceived ideas and meet the Pecatonica Madrigal Players!

This group of sixteen, who sing, act and sometimes poke a little fun (what would a Madrigal be without a Jester?) are hard at work right now on the group's 21st Annual Madrigal. That is right, this little group from the Blanchardville area has been performing a Madrigal play set to a seven course dinner for over twenty years. This is an experienced group sure to make your holiday season much brighter!

It all started in 1990 after Pecatonica High School Science teacher and drama coach, Dean “Doc” Siedschlag, and his assistant, Kathleen Hermanson, had attended a madrigal performance at the University of Wisconsin – Platteville and thought something similar should be done in the Pecatonica area. Siedschlag called on a small group of Blanchardville area business owners, writers, teachers, retirees, farmers and others across a wide age spectrum to bring his vision to life. All these years later, the show still goes on. After Siedschlag's death in 1997, other members of the group stepped up to fill his shoes taking over the roles he once held.

Performed in the historic Partridge Hall in Argyle, the 21st Annual Madrigal by the Pecatonica Madrigal Players will feature a delicious seven course meal prepared by Partridge Hall's excellent chef interspersed with Christmas music, a skit and, of course, the Jester, being the Jester.

This year's performances will be on Friday, December 3 and Saturday, December 4 at 6:15 p.m. Tickets are only $25 per person and having eaten at Partridge Hall, Day Trip Examiner will vouch that the price is a deal for the meal even without the delightful performance!

Tickets are going fast and the group would like to have all reservations in during Thanksgiving week if possible. To reserve your seat, or perhaps a table for family and friends, call 608-523-4364.


  • Profile picture of bjr21
    bjr21 4 years ago THIS is one event I have first hand knowledge of. I have gone to most of the past 20 madrigals and plan to go again this year. That's just how good it is! The singers are fantastic....they all dress in the proper attire....there's a king and queen.....and the jester is one of the best! The skit is different every year. The 7 course meal is always different every year and to die for. The Patridge Hall chef goes above and beyond with our meals and it's always fun to see what he's serving us this year. The wait staff does such a super good job. There's humor, there's tradition, there's's just such a great night of good fun, good food and good times are had by all. If you haven't gone to this in the past, you really need to treat yourself and go this year. This year I am taking my oldest granddaughter. She's 13 and has been begging to go with us for years. That reminds me - I better get our tickets before they are sold out. Billie

  • Lori 4 years ago

    Thanks so much for the personal comments, Billie! I hope many will take the short drive to Argyle to see this wonderful holiday tradition!

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