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Ruppies for sale! Genetically altered dogs.

Ruppies for sale!

What is a ruppy? Why, it’s a ruby puppy, a genetically altered dog. A ruppy is a cloned dog that has been genetically altered by infusing it with a gene from a sea anemone. Thus, it glows.

The thought of this turned my stomach as well. Until I found out that we already genetically alter fish by doing the same sort of thing. We call them Glo Fish and you can find them at most leading pet stores.

According to researchers, this step in creating a glowing dog gives us advances in other types of genetic research that will ultimately help with identifying and correcting genetic flaws in humans.

It troubles me to think that research is done on animals that have no say over their well being. The moral implications in this are astounding. However, insulin would not have been discovered had it not been for research using dogs.

According to my understanding of Scripture, we are given dominion over the animals. We have the God given right to do with them what we want, however, we are to be responsible with that right. I think it is good that we have different and opposing views on research on animals, being in opposition with one another keeps those who are doing research walking a very careful and narrow line.

I still believe that if a human is willing to sacrifice oneself to be experimented on, that person should be used over an animal that has no voice. But that’s just me. I think I will leave the ruppies alone and get another mutt from the pound. I’d rather save a dog’s life than buy one that has been manufactured.