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Runway pets ready for the paparazzi: Celebrate National Dress up your Pet Day

Pet owners can enjoy some fun and snap up a bunch of photos of their dogs and cats today, or whatever other pet you have at home. If you have a furry friend at home this is the day to clothe those little ones you love so much in cute costumes or funny outfits.

The puppy chef!
The puppy chef!
Mobile Holidays Examiner / Beverly Mucha
Dress up your pet day!

January 14 is “National Dress up your Pet Day!” What a fun day for pet owners and a day for cats and dogs to be on their best behavior. They will have to swallow their pride so to speak and be as tolerant of you as possible. It is a good thing they love you unconditionally or you would be in trouble.

Celebrating this fun holiday can be “ruff” for the pup and anything but “purrfect” for your kitty.

Remember that whatever you choose to dress your pet in make sure you read the clothing labels and purchase the proper sizes for your pet. The clothes shouldn’t have anything on them that would attract their attention to chew or gnaw off. Their safety should be in the fore part of your mind when dressing them up. Many small beads, tassels, stings, sequins or other embellishments should be passed up unless you watch them the entire time they are strutting around in their new clothes.

Those sweaters, booties and other fashionable accessories will bring out another side of your pet. Some may go with the flow and others will be upset with you for trying to get them into clothes while others just can’t wait to get them off.

Dress your pet to reveal the princess, king or diva to bring out their wonderful personalities you love so much.

Happy National Dress up your Pet Day!

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