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Willford Patrick
Willford Patrick
Pho Ever

Busy and over crowded strip malls are normally not my cup of tea. Typically I try to avoid such places much like a politician avoiding the truth. But sometimes sacrifices must be made in order to get to some good eats. And good food will be awaiting you once you find some parking and venture into Pho Ever Vietnamese Restaurant. One of the first things that you notice on the menu, besides the numerous variety, is the fact that everything on the menu is under nine bucks. Now obviously soup is there mainstay, and Pho Ever makes a bowl that ranks right up there with some of the best.

But a little creative thinking will net you some delicious results. One item you might want to sample would be the Chicken & Pork Sandwich ($4.99). Cucumbers and other veggies really make this a fine sandwich, something between hot and cold, and pretty healthy. A great sandwich in a Vietnamese restaurant, who knew. Another outstanding selection is the Grilled Pork &Shrimp Noodle Salad Bowl ($8.49). Really tasty and refreshing, again you have the warm and the cold. This meal is a good way to either start or finish your day. And that is a nice decision to get to make after a long day, considering that Pho Ever is open until 4 A.M. six days a week. Pho Ever is located at 1901 S. 72nd. St. Ste. #4.