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Running in the rain


Running in the rain can be fun if you're prepared. Photo by the Associated Press.

Torrential downpours, lightning, and dangerous flooding are not conducive for outdoor workouts. But on a day-to-day basis, weather doesn't need to discourage an outdoor run. On days with light rain,  when neither skipping a run, nor running on a treadmill seem like great ideas, running outside can be fun.

Some people find running in the rain enjoyable; perhaps even preferable to running in the hot sun. On a warm day, some rain can feel cool and refreshing. If rain is in the forecast, skip the t-shirt and cotton workout clothes. For wet weather, it is best to choose material that will keep water away from your skin. Some people wear hats to keep the rain out of their faces.  For people who enjoy running to music, a cover for your electronic device is a good investment.  

Pay close attention to the ground, as mud can be slick, especially on trails. In the fall, watch out for slippery leaves. Often the worst part of running in the rain is starting. Once you get out there, prepared to get wet, it can be fun and energizing.


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