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Running of the Bulls: Two men gored in Spain

Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain ended with two men being gored
Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain ended with two men being gored
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

The annual Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain ended on a sad note this year. A bull broke away from the herd and after chasing two men through the streets, gored them both. The sad incident occurred in the closing run of the San Fermin festival.

The Running of the Bulls has turned into a global tourist attraction. Over the course of a week, hundreds of people dress in white and wear red scarves to join in on the daily “encierros.” They are chases through the narrow streets leading the bulls into the bull ring at the center of the festival.

This year during the weeklong event several men had already been gored by bulls. However, on the eighth and last run of the festival, one of the six bulls broke away from the herd and charged several runners. The bull then lifted two of the runners off the ground on its horns and ripped through their legs.

Several other runners attempted to distract the bull. Only after the two men were gored were they able to herd the bull into the run. The runs take approximately three to five minutes. The bulls then make their next appearance at the evening’s bullfight where they are killed.

During the last bull run, in addition to the two men who were gored, five additional men were injured. After the event ended, nine men were still recovering in the hospital from injuries they sustained during the bull runs. One of the injured men was American, Bill Hillmann. Hillmann co-wrote the book, “Fiesta: How to Survive The Bulls of Pamplona.” Hillman fell during the run and was gored in the thigh.

In 2009, a Madrid man was the last person to be killed during the Pamplona bull run. He died after being gored in the neck. In the last century of runs, there have been 14 fatalities. Very few women ever take part in the Running of the Bulls.

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