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Running: Not for the faint at heart

runners paradise~
runners paradise~
runners journal

Running, by any means is an easy sport. It takes all in dedication.

As I talk to numerous runners, they describe it as an addiction.

It is of course, excellent cardio, and just an overall body enhancing sport. Running releases endorphins, that feel like a love-of-life boost!

One of the main challenges of living in a four season state is that most runners only run outside during the spring, summer and fall. And if I must say so myself, outdoors is the "best" way to run; lots of fresh oxygen!

Let's look at a couple of local trails, parks, etc. that offer serenity and a scenic view:

~Riverscape- 3.1 miles

" It is always peaceful to run near water, one of my favorites"

~Quick Morning Run- 2.9 miles

This run features a brisk run on Schoolhouse road. Good for the morning jogger, who likes just a quick run.

~Five K Around Greene, Stone bridge, and Walden Apartments

3.1 miles

This run is for the "neighborhood runner" nice residential, and retail scenery. As always, check with your physician before beginning a fitness regimen. In closing, think about this..... you hardly ever hear a runner utter these words: I'm having a problem with my weight, or I'm so stressed out. Hense, let's just say it's almost the perfect exercise~

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