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Running Into your Ex at the Club

Seeing your Ex at the Club
Seeing your Ex at the Club

Running into our ex is one of those fates that is almost never expected, but must be confronted. Regardless of why you guys broke up, you'll always feel the need to look impressive for her. We all know that when she sees you looking stylish and well-groomed, you're feeling well on top of your game. It really creates the impression that you're better off without her, which leaves you feeling untouchable.

Yet, this encounter can often go in a very bad direction, taking us for a quick turn into ego-stomping territory. When we're caught looking shabbily dressed and unkempt, we feel regretful and self-loathing, thinking things like, "why did I wear this dumb shirt today?". This is why it's important to avoid regret and get it right the first time by always dressing on point. This way, you can go through life feeling like a prize no matter who you may run into.

Here are some great tips for looking mint at all times:

1. Maintain the hair
Well-groomed hair is a strong sign that you're keeping yourself fresh and appealing. You should make sure to visit the hairdresser at least once every two weeks to maintain a clean-cut look. You can also take notice of current trends for men's hair such as the short crop style with shaved sides-- a style inspired by the urban gentleman. The Quiff is another popular style, emerging from the runways to a more mainstream street style.

2. Wear great shoes
Your shoes are one of those essential items that can really step-up your presence. If you'd like to exude an image that is both attractive and successful, you should pay attention to the impression your shoes are sending. This means replacing your daily sneakers for a more seasoned choice, which can be casual while still showing a mature interest in fashion. For everyday wear this fall, you may look for suede derbies such as the Brogue shoes by asos.

Another trim option are the color block boat shoes as featured by Yesstyle. This modern twist on a classic style offers a laid-back vibe with refinement.

3. Wear a watch
A watch is one of those must-have items that helps cultivate the appearance of status and power. You know this investment is one worth making when she is thrown off by your renewed appearance of authority. To get this pristine look, you can look to the Bulova watch from Myer, which features a stainless steel cased and metalized crystal dial.

4. Tuck in your shirt
While your mama may have said it many times, we are telling you now: when keeping up an impressive appearance, you should tuck in your shirt! The tucked-in style creates a polished and established look, showing that you take yourself seriously and command respect.
If the tucked-in approach feels too restrictive, you can opt for the half tuck trend, which provides a more care-free alternative. David Beckham demonstrates this approach like a pro, strutting the streets of L.A with a semi tucked blue button-up shirt with a brown leather belt.

Every self-respecting man should always dress as if he may run into his ex. When you can execute looks that can impress on the daily, you'll never have to worry about being caught looking sub-par. Yet, more importantly, you should want to dress well for yourself. At the end of the day, your image is an important factor in how you feel, and you should always feel solid about the messages you're sending.

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