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Running and Jogging Orange Cove Trail

Orange Cover is a beautiful little town that is a short drive from Fresno. The jogging trail in Orange Cover is paved and very easy to go jogging on. There is a multitude of young trees lining this jogging trail which provide shade with minimal tree litter. The jogging trail runs through both commercial and residential areas of the city. The jogging trail runs from James O Eaton Park to a residential area. The most amazing thing about the trail is that while jogging you can stop at small businesses and enjoy a refreshing treat. There is a small food truck that is not uncommonly seen at the park with amazing Horchata drinks. There are also several small restaurants on the jogging path that feel like you are eating in your grandmother's home. Additionally as you are jogging if you want to go shopping there are amazing honey roadside stands. Another amazing thing is that if you bring your backpack you can buy and take some fresh fruits and vegetables from road side stands so you can have a healthy meal.

Get away from busy streets
Lucinda Roth
Enjoy Orange Cover
Lucinda Roth

The town can be reached by heading south from Fresno. There is ample parking at James O Eaton Memorial Park. The parking at 690 Sixth Street has easy in and out access. However this is a tiny farm town so there is rarely any problem with traffic or parking in the town as a whole.