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Running a hill interval workout


  • Victoria 6 years ago

    Awesome article! Great job. Hill intervals were essential for me to do well in my half marathon last weekend.

  • Alex 6 years ago

    Hills are the devil but we do them anyway!! ha ha

  • Jason 6 years ago

    I enjoy reading your blog entries but your examiner articles need some serious work.

    "Running a hill workout for an upcoming race that might include hills is a great idea to prepare your legs for the hills you might encounter. When you train to run hills the best way to get in 'hill shape' is intervals up a hill in an area you are familiar with."

    You used the word "hill" six times in two sentences. Do you have an editor that can help your "voice" for these Examiner articles?

    It surprises me because your voice on is great and I look forward to your posts there yet you write in a completely different way here. Are you trying to be more formal in the Examiner articles?

    I Love your blog and I'm sorry to criticize but I'd like see you kick ass on both sites instead of just

  • Danica 6 years ago

    Jason - I do agree with you, but then again I had a lot of trouble with that sentence when forming it. Really focusing on topics key to the area or specific races is what the Examiner articles are all about on the Examiner.

    Obviously, my voice is much different on the Examiner, as I am a journalist and not a blogger on here. If you have any more suggestions I would love to hear them and continue the dialogue via email! Thank you for the suggestions.

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