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RunKeeper offers rewards for exercising

Your Workout is About to Get Sweeter
Your Workout is About to Get Sweeter
courtesy of RunKeeper

Jason Jacobs is the CEO of RunKeeper. RunKeeper is now offering rewards powered by Kiip to congratulate users/you on your fitness achievements.The rewards will appear when you really earn them - like when you break a personal record for pace! At the end of a really record-setting workout, a reward may be offered, such as a discount from Pebble or offers from Propel Water, P&G's Secret Deodorant and more.

It's a way for RunKeeper (A link to the blog) to give you even more motivation to work out hard and get more active.

Ever notice how a glass of chocolate milk tastes that much better after a hard run? Or just how much you love those medals you get at the finish line of a race? Rewards for a job well done are always a welcome thing, and that’s why the company is bringing them into the RunKeeper app!

When you complete a workout and hit the stop button, keep your eyes peeled for a little surprise—discounts, free goodies, or other rewards that will make you smile. Rewards will pop up from time to time when you’ve accomplished something awesome, like improving your pace. It’s RunKeeper's way of giving you kudos when you really deserve it. Here’s an example:

The company has carefully hand-picking rewards from brands that will help keep you motivated to hit your goals! And it’s all possible thanks to their friends at Kiip.

Better yet, one of the rewards you’ll be able to see is from one of our their favorite brands—Pebble! The Pebble smartwatch makes for a magical experience when connected to RunKeeper, so be on the lookout for your special reward. Remember, you gotta work to get it, though!

Source: RunKeeper

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