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RuneScape: What magic beans are and how they make farming more profitable

Magic beans are added to RuneScape; RuneScape players stumble upon them when training farming. This RuneScape guide will explain what magic beans are and how to use them to offset the cost of farming.

RuneScape players gain a magic bean for every 200 farming experience they accrue. Thus, it is normal to return from a farm run with a handful of them.

Magic beans are currency with which to pay Martin the Master Gardener for seeds; his selection of seeds includes many tree seeds, herb seeds, and seeds otherwise hard to acquire. RuneScape players can often earn enough beans on a farm run to return the cost of some or all of the seeds used. An herb run in some cases will turn a profit as well as enough magic beans to repurchase the seeds for another run, while a tree run will still run up a debt to replenish the seeds. Either way, magic beans make farming more profitable and less expensive.

The value of a magic bean is between 100-400 coins per bean, with most seeds giving the beans a value of about 200-250. RuneScape players gain the most value by using beans to buy the seeds of the best value, selling those seeds, and using the money to buy seeds they need.

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