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RuneScape travel: How to make and charge extra enchanted lyres

RuneScape players can make copies of the enchanted lyre, and thus be able to have multiple in their possession, fully charged. To do this is an involving process, but worth it. RuneScape players can teleport, with a complete fremennik task set, to Jatiszo, Neitiznot, Waterbirth, and Relekka with a lyre. This RuneScape guide will cover replacing the enchanted lyre and making spare lyres.

To make lyres, teleport to the slayer caves using the fairy ring or the slayer ring, and go a few steps south. Go to the north of the golden apple tree and talk to the troll. You have to go through a several click dialogue to buy the wool, one at a time. Each piece of golden wool costs 1k coins. This can be tedious.

Go northwest of this to the rare tree icon on the minimap and cut from the swaying tree. You have to click on the tree for each branch. This is also a bit tedious, but not as bad as the wool. Now click on each branch to fletch it into an unstrung lyre. You can get 14 of each or 28 of one type per trip.

Go to a spinning wheel (there is one in the crafting spot in Relekka) and use each piece of golden wool with the spinning wheel to spin it into a ball of golden wool. Use each ball of golden wool with each unstrung lyre to make a lyre.

Now, wearing fremennik boots (and ring of charos if using raw bass,) take 14 raw shark (bass) or 14 raw turtles or 14 raw manta rays and the 14 lyres and go to Fossegrimen's peninsula southwest of Relekka by the sea. Use each one of the fish with the altar to charge the lyres, one at a time. 14 lyres can be charged per trip.

Raw shark/bass gives two charges, raw turtles three, and raw rays four. Wearing fremennik sea boots gives one or two extra charges to each lyre, depending on the level of the boots.

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