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RuneScape travel: Best ways to travel to Waterbirth Island

In RuneScape, Waterbirth Island is useful both for gathering snape grass and for fighting Dagannoths. In the dungeon, there are popular NPCs to kill, including the Dagannoth Kings that drop the dragon hatchet and the Rock Lobsters killed for their summoning charm drops. This RuneScape travel guide will look at how to travel to waterbirth island.

RuneScape players on lunar spells can teleport directly there by using runes. Level 72 magic is required.

RuneScape players who have finished the hard Fremennik tasks can switch the destination of their lyre to Waterbirth Island as well. Because the lyre needs to be recharged frequently, this can be burdensome if the RuneScape player travels there frequently.

The last method is to travel to Rellekka using player owned house or lyre teleport; teleport tablets to the player-owned house can be chipped to teleport there regardless of where their house is, if they have completed Love Story quest. Then go north and sail via Jarvald.

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