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RuneScape travel: Best ways to travel to Relekka

RuneScape players have the following options to get to Relekka. Relekka is initially accessed by way of a long walk from Catherby and initially has no banking abilities. RuneScape players, as they advance in the game, acquire new ways to travel to Relekka and access faster the nearby islands. This RuneScape guide examines means of traveling to Relekka.

RuneScape players can teleport to Relekka by playing the enchanted lyre. The lyre holds 1-6 teleports per charge, and multiple copies can be owned. RuneScape players need to complete a few quests to access the lyre, but it provides a faster teleport to Relekka.

Fairy rings can get you close to Relekka. Codes A-J-R (east), C-J-R and D-J-R (South) and D-K-S (east) get the RuneScape player close to Relekka. D-K-S is useful to activate the lodestone as it is just northeast of the lodestone.

The lodestone is to the east of Relekka and needs to be activated first before being used. From the lodestone, run southwest to get into Relekka as there is no way in except through the gates.

RuneScape players can put their player-owned house in Relekka and use teleport to house or tablets to get there. Level 40 construction is required.

RuneScape players who have completed Love Story quest can chip teleport to house tablets to Relekka teleport tablets. This is the best way for RuneScape players to access Relekka.

Once in Relekka, RuneScape players can access Neitisnot, Jatiszo, Miscellania, Etceteria, and Waterbirth Island easily.

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