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RuneScape travel: Best ways to reach Miscellania and Etceteria

RuneScape players initially travel to Miscellanea and Etcetera by taking the boat from Relekka to get there. This is time consuming due to Relekka being hard to access as well as the docks being central but removed from specific areas. With skills, quests, achievements, and money, RuneScape players will be able to travel to Miscellanea and Etcetera very easily.

The following are some of the areas RuneScape players frequent there: The bush patch, the Etceteria bank, the various skilling plots for kingdom upkeep, and the throne room. Depending on what is sought, some teleports are better than others.

Miscellanea teleport scroll: These cost more than regular teleports on the grand exchange and are a reward from treasure trails. There are no requirements to use these, presuming that the island has already been unlocked through questing. A scroll generally costs a few thousand coins each, though prices fluctuate. Miscellanea teleport scroll puts the player in the market area, close to both the kingdom room and some skilling plots.

Ring of Wealth: This teleports the RuneScape player right to the throne room. A ring of wealth costs about 11k coins on the Grand Exchange, and has four charges. RuneScape players need to have completed several advanced quests to access the totem to charge them on, or can charge with level 89 summoning a geyser titan. Multiple rings owned is the most efficient option. For the net loss of about 500-1000 coins per ring, RuneScape players can sell their spent rings back and buy charged ones.

Fairy rings: Requiring completion of half of Fairy Tale II (but not the farming./herblore requirements,) RuneScape players can use fairy ring code C-I-P (click the left ring twice to dial it) to arrive right by the mine, for an easy skilling point. This teleport is free. Rings of slaying (level 75 craft or assist system, 300 slayer points) are a cheap, fast way to access the fairy ring network, failing that, Yanille lodestone and run north works.)

Spirit tree: Requiring level 83 farming (80 farming using garden pie boost,) RuneScape players can grow a spirit tree on Etcetera. Rings of dueling or Mobilizing Armies teleport can be used to access the tree network fast, and the tree is right by the bush patch and the bank.

Those are the best ways to travel to Miscellanea and Etceteria.

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