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RuneScape Seedicide: Gain farming experience during combat, cost per XP resource

RuneScape has added seedicide to the game. Seedicide converts seed drops to farming experience, at twice the rate of experience that would be granted from planting the seed. RuneScape players can buy seedicide from the Easter event 2014/new minigame, cabbage facepunch bonanza.

RuneScape players have the option to toggle on and off the various types of seeds that will be converted and that will be left.

Seedicide does not work while pickpocketing the master farmer, nor does it convert seeds that are dropped in the herblore habitat. Therefore, its effect on the seed economy will not be as dramatic.

Seed prices are always changing, so RuneScape players should keep updated on them from time to time. Any seed worth less than 100 coins or one that grants experience at under 1-2 coins' value per point should be converted to experience. That way, RuneScape players can gain passive farming experience during combat.

To check prices and values, RS Wikia has an excellent table of values which to use.

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