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RuneScape player owned ports: How oxhead and horseface compares to wisp

RuneScape players who are doing player owned ports gain a crew member, the wisp, in the loop. Wisps are better than oxhead and horsefaces in some ways and worse in other ways. This RuneScape player owned ports guide will compare the wisp to the oxhead and horseface. RuneScape players unlock a few more options for crew in the final shield region, but as it takes months to get through the loop, this guide will focus on comparing just these two crew.

Oxhead and horseface has a base stat of 500 in morale, combat, and seafaring, reduced from 600 in each when player owned ports were released. Wisp has a base stat of 300 morale and 750 in combat and seafaring. Wisp is better overall and best in combat and seafaring voyages, worse in morale, and about equal in two-trait voyages that have morale as one of the traits.

Wisp has an added bonus of 800 speed, but they are best used on mixed voyages, where a judge of dice or similar crew is used, and their solidarity bonus usually gives the ship the speed that it needs.

Because the wisp is not an upgrade of the oxhead and horseface, I currently have two wisps and three oxhead and horsefaces.

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