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RuneScape off-hand rubber chicken: What it is, how to obtain

RuneScape has introduced an off-hand rubber chicken to the game. Instead of having it be an Easter reward, they added it to the drop table of chickens. It is a rare drop; I got mine after about 100 kills.

RuneScape players killing chickens will occasionally have one say "I have returned!" and if they go and kill it, it will then drop an off-hand rubber chicken. The off-hand rubber chicken is not tradable, nor can it be stored with Diango. It has damage of 24 and accuracy of 110.

RuneScape players cannot whack other players with rubber chickens, nor can they use it to perform the chicken dance emote.

The main hand variant is the drop from the 2005 Easter event and is unobtainable as a discontinued item. RuneScape players cannot regain this unless they have done the 2005 Easter event. Any RuneScape player can obtain the off-hand rubber chicken, but having the offhand rubber chicken requires having a bank slot tied up.

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