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RuneScape: Guide to replacing composite ogre bow.

RuneScape players need a composite ogre bow when they want to hunt Zogres, chompies, and jubblies. This RuneScape guide will detail how to replace a composite ogre bow.

RuneScape players need achey tree logs, these can be bought or chopped around Oo'glog and Castle Wars. RuneScape players also need wolf bones. These can be obtained from the many wolves throughout RuneScape or bought on the Grand Exchange.

With the wolf bones in inventory, click on the achey tree logs and opt to fletch. Then choose a composite ogre bow. The achey tree logs and wolf bones will be made into an unstrung composite ogre bow, which can then be used with a bowstring to make the composite ogre bow.

It can be bought on the grand exchange, bought from Hickton in Catherby, and bought from Uglug Nar in Jiggig.

Thus, RuneScape players can make or buy another composite ogre bow easily should they lose the one that they have.

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