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RuneScape 3: How to access the XP counter.

With the release of RuneScape 3, access to the XP counter and XP display options were removed from the area of the screen where they could be accessed and those symbols became inert. This RuneScape guide will cover how to change settings for the XP counter in RuneScape 3.

Start by clicking the options menu. That is the one that resembles a yellow or brown cog of machinery. Click on it to open a menu box, don't bother with its drop down menu.

An interface will open up in the main screen that says options menu. Click interface settings; interface settings is the second down from the top. A bigger menu interface will pop up. Click on the interface tab, the second tab on top. From there, you are able to access the XP counters.

In the menu, there are a lot of options; you can pick what to set each counter on, hide or display XP popups, even hide the entire counter.

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