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RuneScape 2013 Christmas Event rewards

RuneScape has released the 2013 Christmas event. RuneScape players can claim the rewards for the Dec. 17, 2013 release in the lumbridge crater.

When the RuneScape player gains 750 total points, talking to Santa will cause the demon to release him, and the RuneScape player will be rewarded.

RuneScape players unlock the rocking around the Christmas tree emote, as well as any previous Christmas emotes and a lamp. Free to play players receive a small lamp while members get a large lamp. The lamp can be used on any skill, and is comparable to a squeal of fortune (sof) lamp in XP rates.

Three cosmetic rewards unlock as points accumulate. 500 points are enough to unlock the tinsel scarf, this item is available to both F2P players and members. 1,000 points are sufficient to unlock the Christmas jumper, and 2000 total points unlocks the santar spawnling pet. These items are members only.

For other RuneScape Christmas Event 2013 guides, see the holiday guides main page.

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