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RuneScape 2013 Christmas Event released

RuneScape has released the 2013 Christmas event to the game. The Dec. 17, 2013 event makes use of the Lumbridge Crater and has three activities RuneScape players can use to gain points.

RuneScape players use the points to claim rewards. There are three ways RuneScape players can gain points.

The 2013 RuneScape Christmas event follows up on the battle of Lumbridge theme, as a zamorakian impostor of Santa has trapped Santa. The RuneScape player needs to rack up sufficient points in order to be able to free Santa.

Unlike previous holiday events, the 2013 Christmas event is relatively simple, and only requires a bit of grinding. For related guides, click on this holiday guide link.

In the battle of lumbridge last summer, Saradomin and Zamorak duked it out fighting over guthixian tears to use for power. Saradomin edged zamorak, and participating mercenary players killed enemy soldiers and gathered resources then exchanged them for rewards. After the battle was over, RuneScape players cleaned up the camps during the Halloween event.

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