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RuneScape 2013 Christmas Event point gathering; wizards' table

RuneScape has released the 2013 Christmas event. The Dec. 17, 2013 release takes place in the Lumbridge crater.

The 2013 RuneScape Christmas event requires RuneScape players to rack up points. This is done three ways; the snowball arena, the reindeer pen, and the wizards' banquet. This RuneScape guide focuses on the wizards' banquet.

RuneScape players gain five points per meal assuming that they keep giving the correct one. Therefore, make sure to always have all your options.

Take from the table about five each of each five meals, or five each of the five alternatives. Click on a wizard and feed him what he requests. An interface that displays makes it easy to tell. If you want naughty points, feed him the item underneath the correct one. For example, a wooden log instead of a Yule log, a rubber chicken instead of a turkey leg, a cannonball instead of a ball of pudding, etc.

This is the fastest way to rack up points. As wizards take time to digest their food, you can usually go around the table or even one side of the table and be fine, but you cannot keep clicking the same wizard.

For more RuneScape Christmas 2013 guides, see the holiday events main hub page.

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