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RuneScape 2013 Christmas Event point gathering; snowball arena

RuneScape players have three places where they can gain points in the 2013 RuneScape Christmas event. The December 17, 2013 release takes place in the lumbridge crater, accessible by home teleporting to lumbridge and running west.

The three methods of gaining points are the snowball arena, the reindeer pen, and the wizards' banquet. At any given time, one of these is active for bonus points, saying it is "enhanced" on the text on the screen where it tallies the number of points you have.

This RuneScape guide will cover the snowball arena. Climb over the style and take either enchanted or exploding snowballs from the piles and pelt players. For every player you hit, you gain a point. If it is enchanted, you gain a nice point. If the snowball is exploding, you gain a naughty point.

Continue to pelt players until you get removed from the arena for taking too many hits. Climb back over and grab more snowballs and do it all over again.

This is a slow, but fun way to rack up points.

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