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Rune changes coming to League of Legends

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Riot Games is introducing a few changes to runes for the next patch on League of Legends. During the 2014 preseason Riot Games had wanted to make these changes before the official season started, but they realized they would be unable to meet the deadline. Although they are dropping these changes with the incoming patch, they are still "exploring the best way to make runes an interesting and dynamic system for all players". People tend to like to hear the "bad news" before the "good news", so here are the two runes that will be nerfed with the upcoming changes:

Flat Armor (seals):

  • 1.0 armor per seal (previously 1.41 per seal)
  • 9.00 armor with 9 seals (previously 12.69 armor with 9 seals)
  • Balance note: All champions now gain an +4 to their base armor.

Life Steal (quintessences):

  • 1.5% life steal per quintessence (previously 2% per quintessence)
  • 4.5% ife steal with 3 quintessences (previously 6% with 3 quintessences)

It is safe to assume that whether Riot wants to or not, this will bring some extra variety to seal slots as well as effec the current meta. It's interesting to note that while the value of armor seals has decreased, everyone will be slightly more durable to physical damage due to the compensation that will be made.

The following runes will be receiving an increase in power:

Scaling Armor (seals):

  • 3 armor at level 18 per seal (previously 2.7 armor at level 18)
  • 27 armor at level 18 with 9 seals (previously 24.3 armor at level 18)

Flat Health (seals):

  • 8 health per seal (previously 5.45 health per seal)
  • 72 health with 9 seals (previously 48.15 with 9 seals)

Scaling Health (seals):

  • 24 health at level 18 per seal (previously 19.44 health at level 18)
  • 216 health at level 18 with 9 seals (previously 174.96 health at level 18)

Health Regeneration (seals):

  • 0.56 health regen/5 sec per seal (previously 0.43 regen per seal)
  • 5 health regen/5 sec with 9 seals (previously 3.87 regen with 9 seals)

Scaling Cooldown Reduction (glyphs):

  • -1.67% cooldowns at level 18 per glyphs (previously -1.11% at level 18)
  • -15% cooldowns at level 18 with 9 glyphs (previously -9.99% at level 18)

Scaling Magic Resist (glyphs):

  • 3.0 magic resist at level 18 per glyphs (previously 2.7 at level 18)
  • 27 magic resist at level 18 with 9 glyphs (previously 24.3 at level 18)

Scaling Mana Regeneration (glyphs):

  • 0.33 mana regen/5 sec per glyph (previously 0.31 per glyph)
  • 3 mana regen/5 sec with 9 glyphs (previously 2.79 with 9 glyphs)

Scaling Mana Regeneration (glyphs):

  • 1.2 mana regen/5 sec at level 18 per glyphs (previously 0.99 at level 18)
  • 10.8 mana regen/5 sec at level 18 with 9 glyphs (previously 8.91 at level 18)

Cooldown Reduction (quintessences):

  • -2.5% cooldowns per quintessence (previously -1.67% per quintessence)
  • -7.5% cooldowns with 3 quintessences (previously -5.01% with 3 quintessences)

Scaling Cooldown Reduction (quintessences):

  • -5% cooldowns at level 18 per quintessence (previously -2.5% at level 18)
  • -15% cooldowns with 3 quintessences (previously -7.5% with 3 quintessences)

Attack Speed (quintessences):

  • 4.5% attack speed per quintessence (previously 3.4% per quintessence)
  • 13.5% attack speed with 3 quintessences (previously 10.2% with 3 quintessences)

These changes will surely shake things up for casual players and pro players alike. As always, Riot Games is going to keep a close eye on these changes to see whether or not they have to make some counter-adjustments. Summoners of Fort Worth may want to think twice before unlocking any flat armor seals or life steal quintessences. Look for these changes in the upcoming patch for League of Legends!


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