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Runaway dog rescued twice; Second time thanks to a Denver cop

Meet Eddie; he is available for adoption and loves belly rubs.
Rescue Rover Photography

Eddie, a five-year-old rescue dog from the Bahamas, must have borrowed some of his extra lives from a neighborhood cat; this time on Saturday, a Denver police officer came to his assistance reported Denver's 9News.

So our portly canine friend with the cocked ears and long face had recently been sent to the United States to Colorado's Outpaws Rescue from the Humane Society of the Grand Bahamas. While in the care of substitute foster mom, Rebecca Blond, Eddie decided to show off his athletic abilities by jumping over the fence at Blond's backyard. And away went Blond chasing after her "potcake" rescue charge.

A "potcake" is a mixed breed dog common in the Turks and Caicos and the Bahamas, named after the rice and pea mixtures owners would feed their dogs.

Unfortunately, Eddie ran out into the busy street and had been dodging in between traffic with Blond fast on his trail; four legs are notably quicker than two. At that same time however, Denver Police Officer Tyler Blakesly had stopped traffic with his patrol car when he spotted the errant pooch and his pursuer hot on his tail.

Once Eddie was out of harm's way, Officer and Blond spent 20 minutes searching for Eddie, but the story does have a happy ending. Eddie, apparently having eaten his fair share of rice and pea mixtures while wandering around as a stray in the Bahamas, just had to lie down and rest after his exciting escapade. The pooch was found resting in a pool of water not far from Blond's home.

Outpaws Rescue is looking for a permanent home for Eddie. Anyone interested in an adorable, albeit slightly mischievous new friend? His description includes:

"A very loyal gentle giant. He loves his walks on the leash. He likes to collect rocks and give them to you as 'gifts.' He loves his chest being stroked and falling asleep on his back."

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