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Runaway blimp: Pilots warned of Budweiser blimp floating aimlessly over Canada

Runaway blimp: Pilots are told to be on the lookout for this runaway blimp!
Runaway blimp: Pilots are told to be on the lookout for this runaway blimp!
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When the two-story Budweiser blimp broke loose over the weekend air traffic was notified to be on the lookout for this runaway blimp. The large zeppelin was tracked for a while when it first got away from its mooring, but then they lost track of the gigantic promotional blimp, according to on April 29.

The beer blimp broke loose in Saint John, Canada, reports Wade Keller, the director of Labatt Breweries for Atlantic Canada. This is the only blimp of its kind for Budweiser and Keller would not disclose its value.

The blimp, which is designed to look like a hockey goal light, was hovering over a Budweiser promotion on Hockey Street in St. John on Saturday when the gusting wind prompted the lowering of the blimp.

The people handling the blimp at the time it got away were in the process of lowering it closer to the ground when another gust caused the zeppelin to break loose. All anyone could do is watch as it floated away.

The Globe and Mail reports that concerns over this two-story high, 70-foot long blimp causing problems for air traffic prompted a warning to go out to area pilots. Because the blimp would travel where ever the wind blew it, planes were asked to call it in if they happened upon this runaway blimp.

CADOR, Transport Canada's Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System issued a notice of alert for the Moncton Airport and the Saint John flight service station over the weekend about the blimp. The blimp was last seen at an altitude of about 4,000 to 5,000 feet. It's expected to come down somewhere near Sussex, N.B.

Today the blimp is still missing, but experts on these blimps believe that the zeppelin more than likely burst and fell to the ground somewhere in the New Brunswick area. When asked about a reward for the person who finds the runaway blimp, Keller said that "it's something we'd have to think about."

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