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Run with a team to end AIDS


Logo from aidschicago,org

AIDS Foundation of Chicago, the state's most prominent HIV/AIDS nonprofit organization has began a new program in an effort to add another level to awareness about the disease.

They are introducing the TEAM to END AIDS (T2), an endurance training program created to help coach people to participate in half marathons, marathons and triathlons. T2 is replacing the Chicago AIDS Marathon training program, which has raised over $4 million in its existence. 

The 3-month half marathon and 5-month marathon program will train people of all exercise levels, from those who have never ran for sport, to seasoned marathoners who would like to beat their own records. 

For those who do their part in social justice by running to raise money for causes, this is a good program to be a part of. T2 has a $95 registration fee, and training begins on May 8, 2010.

For more info: To learn more, visit TEAM TO END AIDS' website. Or Follow T2 on Twitter (@T2EA)


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