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Run Wild Retreats trail running and yoga retreat July 17-20 in Carbondale

A trail run at Snowmass Lake in Snowmass, Colo.
A trail run at Snowmass Lake in Snowmass, Colo.
Elinor Fish

Whether you're new to trail running or an experienced dirt junkie, the Run Your Way to Optimal Health retreat in Carbondale, Colorado, offers a unique approach to trail running that emphasizes ease, efficiency and a balanced approach to training.

Host Elinor Fish is the former managing editor of Trail Running magazine, an ultrarunner and an experienced health and wellness coach. During the retreat Fish will examine participant’s running form and training habits. The retreat will focus on efficient running form, trail running techniques (great for those new to the trails), how to run better without doing a lot more training, and how to speed recovery and healing with healthy food. 

Fish will also focus on using trail running and yoga as a form of stress relief.

“I believe that stress is our society’s number one health threat and that running can be the most instantaneous and effective stress-mitigation tool available,” says Fish, a running coach of 15 years. “Several times in the past few years I’ve become so overcome by chronic stress that I had no energy to get out of bed, let alone go running. The road to recovery led me to spend hundreds of hours researching the precise effects that stress has on our minds and bodies and the best ways to use running, diet, mindfulness and yoga to immediately alleviate those effects and make us more resilient to stress over the long term.”

The retreat is open to runners of all ability levels, and will include runs of varying length and difficulty based on experience. Daily runs take place on scenic single-track trails in nearby Aspen, Snowmass and Redstone, Colorado. Besides running, daily activities will include lectures, a whole foods cooking class, yoga classes, individualized running-form evaluation, lunches and more.

Participants will come away not only with a better of understanding of how to run more efficiently and train without burning out or succumbing to injury, but also with how to stay consistently motivated to run and become more resilient to everyday stress.

The four-day retreat program (July 17-20) is $697 and the two-day option (July 19-20) is $397. Register before midnight on July 2 with the code KIM100 and receive $100 off.

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