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Run River North premiere new, self-titled album

Run River North (formerly Monsters Calling Home) premiered their new album, Run River North, a week before its release via Pandora Radio.

Run River North releases on March 25

The Los Angeles ensemble blends alternative-folk rock with beautiful melodies and upbeat pop sensibility for a sound both beautiful and peppy. The group of classically-trained Koreans weave their knowledge of complex music structure into antsy and raucous americana anthems drenched with twanged guitars, plucked keys, and harrowing strings. Their music speaks largely of their heritage, and the Korean immigrant experience, telling a rich history of a culture and presenting in a way that is most distinctly anti-K-pop.

Following a brief tour with Anberlin on their acoustic tour in the fall of 2013, the group quickly gained popularity after landing a slot of Jimmy Kimmel Live. The performance came courtesy from Honda, who surprised the group once they learned of band's music video for their song, "Fight to Keep," which was filmed entirely within their Honda Civic.

Their debut album, Run River North, drops on February 25. Order it here.

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