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Run for charity with The Wonder Years, Valencia, Modern Baseball, and more

Exercise Doesn't Suck 5k hosted by The Wonder Years' drummer, Mike Kennedy
Exercise Doesn't Suck 5k hosted by The Wonder Years' drummer, Mike Kennedy
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Getting exercise is probably the worst way to spend your free time, right? Wrong, it’s healthy and stuff (or whatever), but sometimes you get to do it with some totally awesome local bands for fun and for charity. Does it still sound terrible? Yeah, I get that, but it’s only $10 and there’s free food after. I knew that last part would get you: food, so good.

On August 30th, Mike Kennedy (The Wonder Years) will be bringing his second annual “Exercise Doesn’t Suck” 5k to the greater Philadelphia Area.

All proceeds from the race go directly towards the support of MANNA, a Philly-based non-profit group that cooks and delivers nutritious meals to those battling life-threatening diseases.

The race will occur in a yet to be disclosed public park in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Starting at 10 a.m., participants will run/walk/skip/crawl/crab-walk/dance/meander all 3.1 miles in the name of exercise, sure, but also in the names of fun, fundraising, and awesome local music. Struggling to not pass out alongside runners of all physical fitness persuasions will be members of Philly rock groups like The Menzingers, Valencia, Modern Baseball, The Wonder Year (of course), and maybe a few surprises along the way. Even if you hate running, and charity and fun, come out to watch some top-notch local talent struggle to compete athletically.

For more race details (including registration info), scope the full message from Kennedy below:

Hello All!!

So, last year we held what I truly consider to be a seminal event for all of mankind, the first ever Exercise Doesn’t Suck 5k. I originally planned on hosting a much larger one this year…but than I moved to Seattle, and yeah, life.

BUT IT”S OK!!! Like, no worries!!! Lets just do the same thing again, ya dig?
Saturday, August 30th, I will be hosting the 2nd ever “Exercise Doesn’t Suck 5K” at a park in Montgomery County, PA. Participation will be $10, and every penny of profit will be donated to MANNA, a Philadelphia based nonprofit that cooks and delivers nutritious, medically-appropriate meals, and provides nutrition counseling to neighbors who are battling life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, renal disease and HIV/AIDS.

We’re gonna meet up at 10 am and run/walk/skip/crawl 3.1 miles together. Your level of physical fitness is absolutely a nonissue. While this is technically going to be a race, camaraderie rather than competition will be the theme of the day. Everyone is encouraged to go as slow or fast as they feel comfortable while myself, along with members of several other philly rock institutions (e.g. The Menzingers, Valencia, and Modern Baseball) run back and forth throughout the “race”, struggling right beside you. At the end of the race we’ll have a small picnic of food so good, you would never believe it was good for you. We’ve all seen each other at shows throughout the years, so lets go hangout and do something good for our bodies and our local community for a few hours on a (presumably) sunny Saturday morning.

Email me at if you would like to attend and you will receive a confirmation message and the rest of the required information. Bring 10 bucks cash to the park (that sounds sketchy), and we will have an awesome afternoon together. It’s that simple. Space is limited to 40 participants, so no dillydallying.

This is (again) not some fancy dancy, big production thing. I want a small group of us to have a fun and healthy morning together, that is all.

*I said it last year, and I guess it bears repeating, but this event will not include musical performances by any of us, or spoken word by Lord Soups, or any of that kind of stuff. This is a low key, fun event, that will hopefully serve as an interface between the musical community we all cherish, and the one-time use bodies we all inhabit.

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