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Run Floyd: Mayweather is scared of Pacquiao, Maidana

COMMENTARY | Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is the best boxer in the world today. He's also full of talk, and doesn't back up his words inside the ring -- unless he faces B-level fighters such as Victor Ortiz or Robert Guerrero.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. attends a Houston Rockets game in November 2013.
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Why does the welterweight champion duck opponents such as Manny Pacquiao, Marcos Maidana, Antonio Margarito, and Sergio Martinez?

After all, isn't he the self-proclaimed greatest boxer in history?

Brittle Hands

Ask yourself what is "Money's" biggest weakness. He has brittle hands that easily get broken during fights -- even during sparring sessions. Mayweather has suffered broken or injured hands several times throughout his career.

Brittle hands are his kryptonite.

That's why Mayweather injects pain killers into his fists, which is legal only in the state of Nevada. And that's why he's forced to fight in Las Vegas, and can't accept bouts in New York or Texas or anywhere else.

Big Punchers

In terms of odds, Mayweather may be a favorite to defeat rivals such as Pacquiao, Martinez, and Maidana. But he'll never take those fights, even at the prospect of making $100 million for a single bout.


It's not worth risking a loss when your dysfunctional ego is on the line.

Floyd is one broken hand away from losing a fight to a human tornado like Pacquiao or a devastating puncher like Maidana. He never would have withstood the constant pressure of a Margarito if he suffered a fractured fist -- Floyd would have been booed by the crowd for running around in the ring.

Look what Miguel Cotto -- and his pressure -- did to Floyd's face when they fought in 2012: Mayweather's face was bloodied. If Mayweather broke a hand during that fight, Cotto would have busted him up even more.

If Floyd injures one or both hands against a Manny Pacquiao, it would be impossible for Mayweather to win on points. His shoulder roll defense would be ineffective if he can't punch back with authority.

With injured hands, Floyd would not be able to keep the Pacman at bay.

That's why the size of Pacquiao's head (i.e., PED allegations) intimidates him. Mayweather thinks that continually hitting Pacquiao or Margarito over the course of 12 rounds would eventually injure his fists.

Social Media Warrior

Mayweather taunts big punchers and pressure fighters on social media, but he won't get inside the ring with them. He has to convince his worshippers that Pacquiao or Maidana are no threat to him and his undefeated record, and that's why there's no need to arrange such fights.

These rivals are supposed to be "inferior" so why make the fight? That's what he always claims.

There's a huge fallacy with that argument that Floyd worshippers don't think about. Pacquiao and Maidana are better fighters than Ortiz and Guerrero.

Why not just retire if every boxer out there is inferior?

Ortiz and Guerrero had inferior boxing skills. Why did you take those fights, Floyd?

Bob Arum is his excuse -- a convenient escape hatch from the trials of ring adversity.

In the next few days, the "narcissistic one" will announce his May 2014 fight with Amir Khan. If he injures his fists in that fight, Mayweather would have a better chance to win against Khan in a 12-round decision compared to big punchers or pressure fighters such as Pacquiao, Maidana, or Martinez.

Fights only take place inside the ring. If you're gonna talk trash and duck, be willing to take the heat when some fans say you're avoiding legitimate threats to your oh-so-precious record.

TBE stands for "the best ever?"

Please. It means the most "talkative bull-shitter ever."

Sugar Ray Robinson or Roberto Duran would have busted you up -- easy work.

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