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Run across building and rooftops with incredible speed

Free Running 2 Images
Free Running 2 Images
Paul Iuzzolino

Do you ever wish that you could perform feats of athleticism and courage just like David Belle without the fear of getting hurt? Now people can perform these feats by playing Free Running 2. This sequel to Free Running features new moves, game modes, and challenges. In this game, you can jump, grab, and climb walls. You can also perform somersaults and attain a higher score.

In the first level, you start your run by climbing up a wall, then jump through some platforms. As you are running, you can collect points, extra time, and bonuses. If you collect the three bonuses in every level, you will put on a dragon costume and get a higher score. The first level is a good introduction to the flow of the game; you see how to climb over the platforms and jump from rooftop to rooftop. In the first level, there is a camera icon; if you jump over this icon, you perform a signature move that will score you a significant amount of points. The second level is a little more complicated and requires some pretty intricate maneuvering to complete it.
In the second level, it is raining and there are a lot of jumps and climbs. As you are going through the level you have to constantly climb up walls and over exhaust covering. In this level, you can find a speed ramp; if you jump off the rooftop at the right time, your character will perform a cool move that will rack up some points. This level has a lot of cameras, but some of them are hard to reach; one of the cameras is between a gap, and if you don't make the gap, you will lose time. The levels are well designed; the gaps and exhaust covering are placed very well. It is really tricky to make all the gaps; you have to jump and climb at the right time to avoid falling and losing time.

Game Mechanics:
The runner runs pretty fast, but there are times when he shifts to the left or right and it's hard to make certain gaps. The runner does a good job of performing signatures moves when he jumps through the camera icons. The bonuses are placed in really secret locations; you really have to keep a good eye out to collect all of them. The walls are easy to climb, but the gaps can be hard to make.

The rooftops look pretty real; they have the exhaust fans on the side of them. The metal textures on the exhaust covering look like real metal. The raindrops feel like real raindrops, as they drop on the runner and the rooftops. The building on the side are nicely done, with windows lined up perfectly on the side of them. You also see energy reflectors and bushes on one of the rooftops. On some of the walls you see a logo for other games on mini clip, and the mini clip logo is on the runner.

To make the runner run, you use the arrow keys. To jump over the exhaust covering and gaps, you press the x key. To climb up walls, you also press the x key. The controls are okay, but they make the gameplay complicated at times. When you are running, it's hard to control the runner and make him go where you want him to go. So when you try to make some of the gaps, the runner will shrift to the right and you pretty much miss the gap. This tends to happen a lot in the second level; in the first level, you can control the runner pretty good.

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