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Rumors spread as reports conflict as to how many participated at GP Boston 2014

The screen shot shows the number of players for GP Boston 2014 as 2394
The screen shot shows the number of players for GP Boston 2014 as 2394
Simeon A. Cortezano/Wizards of the Coast

*UPDATE: This issue has been resolved. In a post made by Wizards of the Coast, the actual player count was, indeed, 2394. This was the number determined after preregistered no-shows were removed from the event reporting system. However, because multiple sources (including the event coverage page) had reported over 2400 were in attendance, and players had made decisions based on the attendance being over 2400, Wizards of the Coast has decided to award prize money all the way to the 150th spot in accordance to the information given on the event page.

This past weekend, Boston-Worcester held host to one of "Magic: The Gathering's" premier tournaments, the Grand Prix. These tournaments are held all over the world all year long. The prize payouts are upwards of $4000 as the top prize and as low as $200 for the lowest. While the top prizes are always guaranteed, the payouts for spots 65-150 are based on the number of players participating.

Rumors are beginning to spread as there are conflicting reports as to exactly how many people did take part in this weekend's event. According to the website, the number of people who played in the main event was 2460. However, the site in which players can access their Planeswalker points says that only 2390 players took part in the main event.

So why exactly is this an issue? Per the information given on the official GP Boston-Worcester event page, $250 in prize money is awarded to places 65-100 if the attendance is between 1200-2399. If attendance is over 2400, $200 in prize money is paid out to spots 101-150.

How many players played this weekend? Boston Games Examiner tried to reach out to Tom Shea, the Tournament Organizer for GP Boston-Worcester as well as Helene Bergeot, Director of Global Organized Play Wizards of the Coast. At the time, though, there was no response. Although, a Facebook post made by Tom Shea on the last day of online registration stated that they had well over 2400.

The site where players can check their Planeswalker points typically has the official results from that player's latest event activity. If the numbers being reported on the site hold true, those who continued to play for the last spots to cash will not be paid. Several questions remain. Was information distributed incorrectly, or is there a typo somewhere in the system?

Stay tuned, as this article will be updated as soon as new information comes in.

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