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Rumors fly that Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis have called it quits

Nikki and Juan Pablo
Nikki and Juan Pablo
Photo by Isaac Brekken

Rumors have been flying about Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis since they found each other on "The Bachelor" 2014. On Monday, TMZ shared some news that makes it look like they might not be together anymore. It looks like Juan Pablo has been out having a good time and was actually hitting on other women. This doesn't look good for the couple.

He was at Pool After Dark in Harrah. Ang Cottone is speaking out and says that he called her up to be in the same area as him and was flirting with her all night. He was there for a birthday party for a friend. Reports are that he even asked for her phone number. It is unknown if she gave it to him. Pictures show them whispering but it had to be really loud there so that could be the reason. Nobody reports that they were kissing or anything inappropriate.

Nikki was on Twitter just yesterday making it look like everything was fine between the couple. He shared a really nice picture of the water and said that he wished that they were both sitting there together. She then retweeted that picture and said that she wished the same thing. This makes it look like they are still together despite other reports.

So far Juan Pablo Galavis hasn't even proposed to Nikki Ferrell. They have stayed together but haven't taken the next step in their relationship. Reports are that they are now on the show "Couples Therapy" that should air this fall. Maybe they are already trying to fix their problems.

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